Privacy protection, tricky for Classifieds

Metro, the daily newspaper, wrote today about Freespee, or almost. The Metro journalist wrote about the risk for thefts that comes with advertisements in Online classified services. In most countries, your private phone number connects you to an physical address, your home. This is information that the telecom operators hands out to the whitepages. Hence, by placing an advertisement on a leading classified service where you also state your phone number, it is easy to find your address and your gods. This is used by criminals! Every day.
So, what could I do as a consumer? I can’t sell a premium mountainbike without letting a potential buyer contact me by phone to ask relevant questions. What did the Metro article propose? Do not put your number in the Ad. Wrong!! This will significantly decrease your probability to sell your product. The sales cycle will be longer.
Now the journalist knows about Freespee. This is exactly why we started this project 2 years ago. We have been working hard since then. In less than 3-4 months, consumers in all Nordic countries will be able to choose a temporary phone number for an advertisement in leading classified services. The contracts are there, we are working on technical fine tuning and integration issues.
It has taken us 2 years to come here. Now we can’t wait for the day where everyone will feel safe in handing out a phone number for a voice contact. We are so close. If you also can’t wait, ask for an Invite to Freespee beta at, or

Integrity online

Since the web has become more and more transparent, integrity is becoming a big issue. Today anyone that knows your telephone number can find your home address, who you’re living with and so on.
Yesterday the Swedish webmagazine TechWorld ( had an article on how to secure your integrity on Google. The article focused on your integrity while using Google. At Freespee we believe that integrity is a big issue not only when it comes to services like Google, but when it comes to your daily usage of the internet. At Freespee we provide a service that helps you secure your integrity online. Please read more about Freespee and why you should use Freespee!

Freespee releases BETA

We are proud to present a new version of Freespee!

We have been working on a new release of our service for quite a while now, and we are finally ready to release it to our users!
At the moment Freespee Beta is an invite-only service. If you don’t have an invite at the moment, just sign up with your e-mail address and we will give you an invite as soon as possible!

New features

With Freespee Beta you can use keep track of your phone as easy as your e-mail;

  • Recieve calls with up to 3 Freespee-numbers
  • Make outgoing calls with your Freespee-number
  • Use any phone you would like to recieve calls and make outgoing calls (your phone at home, workphone or mobile phone)
  • Detailed information about incoming and outgoing calls
  • Voicemail inbox
  • Personal voice messages for your Freespee-numbers
  • And much more…



With the Freespee Beta we have created a new look and feel of Freespee that we are proud of. Our goal has been to keep a simple and easy design and to make it easy to browse the site.

Freespee Blog

We have decided to write our blog in English since we are established in multiple countries. In the future we’ll write about new features and our ongoing work with Freespee! Please send us a message or comment on the blog. We would love to hear what you think about Freespee!