Thieves seek victims online

“Thiefs seek up victims online” is the headline of an article featured today at
In july many people will have a well-deserved vacation and maybe go on a holiday trip. With the transparence that comes with online activites such as twittering and blogging it’s a fact that thiefs now has the possibility to seek up their victims online. The article shows that the number of  burglarys in homes has increased in Stockholm county.
Freespee is a service where you can get a temporary phonenumber to use in all occasions you don’t want to expose your home- or mobilephone-number. By using Freespee you see to that thiefs can’t use your phonenumber to find out your name, and finally your home address. – Freespee can help you keep the burglars away.

Daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter writes about Freespee

Today Freespee is covered in the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter with an article about temporary numbers and privacy online. The article describes our service with temporary phonenumbers that guarantees your integrity, since you can give different numbers in different forums, especially forums where you might usually hesitate to give out your number, like online dating or when selling stuff online on sites like
The full article (in Swedish) can be read at if you don’t have access to the printed magazine.

Freespee, for 600 000+ advertisers

End of last week, Freespee’s consumer technology for large scale number provisioning proved unparalleled in connecting consumers with advertisers via regular phone calls. The Freespee technology is now used at to track every single phone call and create measurable results for all online advertisers in the directory inventory. The patented dynamic number provisioning engine is a true success, that economize number usage. We are talking about an inventory of 600 000+ advertisers for which Freespee servers mediates all calls. I am proud of our genious developers…and there’s more. Watch out…