Local search engine Advertising

Yesterday I was going through some of the statistics we gather from our search engine customers. Many SMEs limit their Online Advertising budget to Google and their AdWords offer. Hence, are all potential customers only using Google? Our statistics show that Global search engines are used for information gathering, which we all already new. However, when you have made your decision and want to proceed with you purchase, local search engines are used to find a service provider near by you, offering the product you want to purchase.
I was looking at a small car repair service in the small town of Strömstad in Sweden. They have purchased a top position in one of the largest local serach engines in Sweden (that use Freespee Publisher). They have more than 100 unique inbound calls from new customers per month.
Let’s say each call is worth in general €200 in new business, with 80% gross margin. Hence, they win new business worth up to €20 000 per month by spending some money on local search engine advertising.

Easier to sell with a voice contact

It has been a great summer with lots of time for my family and our third child that was born in July. As we didn’t have a stroller that suited our new needs I had to sell the one we had and buy us another one.
I used 2 of the biggest sites for classifieds in Sweden, and In both my advertisement I used Freespee numbers, one number for each Ad. Criminals could not track the numbers to our physical address.
The stroller was sold within 7 days and ALL potential buyers contacted me for a voice conversation. I didn’t recieve a single mail. After the deal I paused my Freespee numbers. No more late calls again asking for the stroller 1 week after it was sold. Hence, advertisers that do not invite buyers to place a call dramatically lowers the probability to sell their item.