The lead itself is not enough

…as both consumers and businesses leave 40%-70% of all calls unanswered
Freespee Numbers are now used by several leading Online industries to offer voice like email. The Freespee usage is growing rapidly. The figures we see, like the one above, indicates that voice communication just have to adjust to the service capabilities that comes with text based messaging.
When you send someone an email, you do not expect immediate answer. When you call someone, if he/she do not answer, you often don’t even leave a voice message, because you are expecting a real time dialogue. This is a major limitation for regular voice services.
Many of us are simply not available for real time communication. At the same time, most of us prefer a voice conversation to a text conversation if we are about to buy anything. How can this be solved?
Freespee Numbers are addressing this and the result is tremendous!