A Monday evening…

…Can be quite fun. We are just preparing a spontaneous Monday evening party for our friends and families. Why?
One of the largest and most successful Classified media publishers,, went live with a Voice application driven by the Freespee Voice API the other day.
From now on, any Blocket customer can use the built in Voice application to set the rules for incoming calls for their Advert (press release). In addition, their privacy is protected.
Freespee makes Voice as simple and comfortable as email.


I am happy to announce that Freespee will bring our next generation Call Analytics solution to European directory publishers at the EADP conference in Palma de Mallorca.
We have successfully expanded our reach in Europe and we are currently working with four of the leading directory groups, in eight!! different countries.
Being at Palma de Mallorca (lovely conditions for Swedes…) enables us to meet with our European customers and introduce our next generation Call Analytics solution. Freespee Analytics 1.5 is the result of our experience in running large scale traffic visualization solutions for some of the biggest directory publishers for two years, with 0 minutes downtime.
We plan to launch in at least two additional European countries over the next two months, offering Call Analytics solutions to directory publishers, B2C classifieds and media agencies that all work with phone savvy business.

New website released!

We are happy to announce that we have released our new website! One of the goal with our new site is to make it easier for our visitors to learn more about all the applications from Freespee. With that in mind we now have our application Freespee Voice available on

New Freespee application

In conjunction with the launch of our new site we also have the pleasure to show you our new application Freespee Analytics!
Freespee Analytics is our leads tracking system that helps you keep track of your ads. Learn more about Analytics.

Case presentation

A new part of our site is our partner cases. We are very proud to work with our partners and to give you a better understanding of what Freespee do we present our work in cases.


Another new part of our website is our connections to social services like Facebook, Twitter and the new Freespee service Talky!

Freespee at ICMA

One of our customers thought we should attend the ICMA conference , this year in Berlin. So now Hanna and Juhani are there.
ICMA is a community for the classified media industry. We already have some classified media customers who have built their own Voice applications by using the Freespee API, which all have been very successful.
Hence, we very much look forward to this conference, and their voice casts at