Analytics launched in Finland

Today we our announcing the launch of Freespee Analytics in Finland with two pilot partners, media agency Dagmar and online analytics specialist Snoobi.
This is also an important milestone for Freespee, as our new Freespee Analytics application is now available for a wider advertiser and marketer audience through media agency and analytics partners.
During the trials Freespee Analytics was used for example by a major telecom operator for their B2B marketing campaign: A Freespee Number was attached to print ads in a dozen of the leading business magazines and newspapers, which enabled both the media agency and the advertiser to measure the incoming calls received from these ads.
Going forward they can optimize the campaigns by selecting the medias that work the best, page numbers, call-to-action wording and number placements in the ads – information that is extremely valuable for any advertiser!
You can read our full press release on CisionWire in English or in Finnish. The story was already picked up by the leading advertising industry publication in Finland, Markkinointi & Mainonta.