Learnings from the ad events

During the last two weeks we attended two great digital advertising industry events, dmexco in Cologne and ad:tech in London. While dmexco had impressive American-style booths and excessive catering, ad:tech was more modest but still jam-packed.

Both however proved one thing right: Performance advertising and affiliate Ad Networks are thriving.

Freespee has so far concentrated mostly on Online Directories (local search engines), Classifieds and Media Agencies, but with the recent release of the Freespee Analytics API 1.3 we have now started to work with all kinds of digital advertising companies, who like to integrate call tracking and analysis into their platforms.

As we know, the Advertisers love Freespee Analytics, because it brings transparency to the phone call sources and enables tracking of incoming phone leads without any investments to their telephone systems. Based on dozens of excellent meetings at the trade shows, here’s a list of the most important things other people look for when partnering with Freespee:

  • Ad Networks (CPC/CPM)
  • “Our advertisers do not currently know, how much phone call traffic we generate for them. We’d like to include the number of calls to our campaign reporting in order to prove the complete value and Return On Investment to the advertisers.”

  • Affiliate Ad Networks (CPL/CPA)
  • “Our campaigns are generating thousands of phone calls, which we cannot yet track or monetize. Removing phone numbers from landing pages is the worst possible “solution”: In industries where calls are important (like insurance, cars, real estate, premium travel, etc.) the users will not convert, but walk away.”

  • Direct Marketing (Email, SMS, other)
  • “Trackable phone numbers can be added to emails or SMS messages themselves, or to the landing pages. Now we can show that we bring a lot more leads to the advertisers than they think.”

  • Mobile Ad Networks
  • “We would like to include calls to our reporting and create new Click-to-Call ad units. Through the API, we get the full details of the calls: Time and date, length of the call, and whether it was answered or not. More and more people are using their phones to search for local companies, and then call them to book appointments, reserve tables or just ask how long the store is open.”

  • Publishers
  • “The ads on our site generate thousands of phone calls and tens of thousands of euros in incremental profits to the advertisers. We believe we deserve to get credited for their success. Also, if the advertisers would know how many calls they get from our site, they would spend a lot more on the ads.”

  • Search Agencies (SEO/SEM)
  • “We get the full picture of the web traffic only by adding phone call tracking to the visitors’ web funnel.” — Did you know that using Freespee Analytics with a tracking code, you can see from which search engine or ad campaign the user came to the site and then made a phone call? We will soon tell more about the work we do together with Guava.

  • Web Analytics
  • “Using our analytics tool, the publishers know every little detail of the web site traffic – however, they miss out on one very important thing: The number of phone calls originating from the website. By using Freespee Analytics API, we can add the number of phone calls besides the data for visitors, page views and clicks. Finally our customers get the full picture.”

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