How did that customer find you?

Case: IGIA
Search engine marketing, both paid and organic search, is obviously one of the most important areas in digital marketing today, and as such a focus area for developing the Freespee Analytics platform as well.
Together with Guava (part of the French Netbooster Group) we are testing a simple tracking code for an advertiser’s site to show a different Freespee Number (local, trackable number) depending of from where the user comes to the site. This enables networks, agencies and the advertisers see the call traffic by source on Freespee Analytics.

As an example, we take a local small business in our hometown Uppsala, a company called IGIA. They offer naprapathy therapy treatment, and their marketing is based on both word-of-mouth and people coming to their website from various online sources.
IGIA has been using Google Analytics to see online traffic, but haven’t been able to tell, if for example the person who called them and booked an appointment clicked on AdWords ad before, or used a local search engine. They also don’t want to go through the trouble of creating separate landing pages for each visitor source.
So, what they did instead is that they put a Freespee Analytics tracking code on their site. This code displays a different phone number to the web visitor, depending on which source they come from. You can try it yourself, by first clicking on the search links, and then clicking on the link on the results.
Direct traffic – phone number: 018- 843 40 40 organic search: 018-843 40 41 local search: 018-843 40 42 local search (a.k.a. Google Places): 018-843 40 45 organic search: 018-843 40 47 local search: 018-843 40 48
Google AdWords: 018-843 40 49
You can have as many Freespee Numbers as you want, the cost increase is very small. When you get a lot of traffic in one of the channels, such as Google AdWords, you may want to dig in deeper and start tracking different keywords and ad copies. Freespee Analytics scales from a very small business to hundreds of thousands of tracking numbers.
Call tracking and analysis also answers many other questions: If you want to maximize the numbers of calls, is your number easy to find? Is the call-to-action on your ad good? Does offering a 15% discount make people call much more? Is your paid-for campaign targeted to the right people, at the right place, on the right time?

Simple A/B testing will tell you, however online advertising optimization can sometimes get quite complicated, that’s why we have agency partners to do the work for the advertisers.
Just ask, if they can already do phone call analysis for you!