Digital media events in Europe

Building an ecosystem almost from scratch can be tough. How do you reach your audience and build the long-term buzz, without losing your focus on signing new partners in the short term?
At Freespee, we have undertaken a number of highly targeted marketing exercises to raise awareness about the company – but also, more importantly, about the importance and value of phone calls in the Lead Generation business. Events have proven to be very efficient, in terms of either sponsoring, exhibiting at or simply attending them. In just two days, you may be able to speak to over 100 companies in your target audience, in addition to the prearranged meetings.
When operating as a startup in the intersection of the advertising, media and telecom/technology industries, it’s not easy to select the events to focus on. In fact, we haven’t been able even to find a directory of relevant (and reputable!) events in Europe. So we created our own “long-list” calendar – and want to share it with you! The calendar focuses on lead generation, performance advertising, media/publishing and major digital start-up events, and we have excluded (for example) creative industry events.
You can subscribe to this “Freespee Events” calendar in XML or iCal format – or just simply access it directly in your browser in HTML (you can optionally add it to your Google Calendar with the link in the bottom right corner).

You can find a link to each event’s website in its Description field. The location (city) is included in the title, so you can see the locations at a glance.
As you can see, there are many types of events, from very broad to very focused ones. The list is by no means complete – feel free to suggest new events, and important local (national) events are especially welcome! You can contact me directly to suggest events at: juhani.polkko (at)
We have decided to attend at least the following events, and hope to see you there!

Technology for Marketing & Advertising is a large event held in London on March 1–2 (next week!). They expect over 10,000 visitors. There are two sub-events: Online Advertising & Affiliate Expo and Publishing Expo.
Contact Hanna Olsson to set up a meeting.

The biannual International Classifieds Media Association (ICMA) event “Classifieds: Recipes for success” is organised this time in Nice, France on April 27–30. Freespee is sponsoring this executive-level conference, which has proven to be very valuable for us in the past.
Contact Juhani Polkko to set up a meeting.

European Association of Directory and Database Publishers (EADP) focuses on the industry which is under major restructuring. They have two executive-level events, EADP Conference “Mobile and Social El Dorado” on May 12–13 in Malta, and EADP Congress in September.
Contact Carsten Gildum to set up a meeting.

vdav is an event focused on directory publishers in German-speaking countries, and is held in Berlin on May 24–26.
Contact Tobias Karlsson to set up a meeting (Wir sprechen Deutsch!).

a4uexpo focuses on the over €10 billion affiliate and performance marketing industry. The next conference will be held in Münich on June 7–8.
Contact Juhani Polkko to set up a meeting.

New website

This morning we released a new look and a new structure for our website.

Over the last 12 months or so, our customers have been telling us, “When we meet you, we finally understand the power of the platform and what value you can bring to us. Previously we had thought you were just another Click-To-Call provider…”
In other words, we hadn’t been communicating very well what we do. The good thing is that we have had a magnificent year nevertheless:
1. The team has doubled in size
2. The number of customers has tripled in size
3. Our monthly recurring revenue has increased by 400%

4. All this in spite of the fact that no-one could tell what we do by visiting our website!
Going into 2011, with a brand new website that should make it much easier to understand WHAT we do and for WHOM, I guess we should be able to outperform 2010!
As our number one priority, we need more talent. If you are the right person, or if you know people who are suitable, send us an introduction.