New website

This morning we released a new look and a new structure for our website.

Over the last 12 months or so, our customers have been telling us, “When we meet you, we finally understand the power of the platform and what value you can bring to us. Previously we had thought you were just another Click-To-Call provider…”
In other words, we hadn’t been communicating very well what we do. The good thing is that we have had a magnificent year nevertheless:
1. The team has doubled in size
2. The number of customers has tripled in size
3. Our monthly recurring revenue has increased by 400%

4. All this in spite of the fact that no-one could tell what we do by visiting our website!
Going into 2011, with a brand new website that should make it much easier to understand WHAT we do and for WHOM, I guess we should be able to outperform 2010!
As our number one priority, we need more talent. If you are the right person, or if you know people who are suitable, send us an introduction.