Partnership with Sanoma's classifieds – A Case Study is an online marketplace for cars, real-estate and jobs in Finland. The site has 410 000 weekly unique visitors and is part of the Sanoma News business unit. The Sanoma group operates in 20 European countries and has close to 20 000 employees.
Problem offers many ways for the consumers to reach the advertiser when they have found the perfect car. Because of the nature of the business, most buyers prefer calling the car dealer immediately and make an appointment for a test drive.
While online leads have been measurable and easy to report to the advertisers, earlier it was not possible to measure the amount of phone calls – so the car dealerships were not aware of the total number of leads generated and thus unable to accurately calculate the advertising ROI.
Of course, this a more generic problem for the car advertisers – they spend marketing money in several channels, but cannot fully measure the results. At the same time, the car dealers continue to miss as many as 15-30% of the customers calls from advertising channels. According to Freespee’s statistics, Online Click-to-Call (i.e. call-back) wasn’t a viable option either, as it’s not trusted by most consumers who rather call local phone numbers.

In order to resolve the issues, Sanoma partnered with Freespee for a full solution:
A) Call metrics were integrated into the monthly reporting by using local call tracking phone numbers (or “metered lines”) on with the Freespee API
B) A notification email is now sent to the advertiser immediately after each missed call that originates from (SMS also available). The notification includes the caller’s phone number, so that the car dealer can instantly call back to the prospect.
C) Freespee Analytics web application is offered to all car dealerships with a small monthly fee. Using the application, the advertisers can measure and manage phone leads from any advertising channel, including online, print, TV and outdoor. The default package includes 5 Freespee Numbers to be used in advertisements, and missed call notifications as well as call traffic analysis is enabled in all channels. The advertisers get their own login to Freespee’s intuitive web interface.
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