Freespee Launches In The U.S. With The Digital Window Group

Just less than a year ago we started to explore new opportunities for our call advertising solution outside Local Search and Classified businesses.
Today we are very happy to announce Affiliate Window (UK) and (U.S. & UK) from the Digital Window group as new Freespee partners – and at the same time our expansion to the U.S. market.
In a very early phase we learned, that many big national advertisers were also dependent on calls as advertising currency – however, in performance advertising the Affiliate Networks were reluctant to include phone numbers in campaigns and for a valid reason: Phone numbers meant revenue leakage for the ad network and its publishers. Other way around, in call-intensive verticals those merchants were not able attract the most lucrative affiliates.
The new industry sector brought us also technical challenges: How to reliably track and attribute the caller from the landing page to the right affiliate, all the way to click level? How about billing, commission payments and real-time bidding and reporting? Last but not least, how to automatically determine commission level in CPA, based on the actual value of the transaction made over the phone?
During the year we have developed a solution together with some of the largest Affiliate Networks in the Europe. They join our cause of giving consumers the freedom of choice and Making Phone Calls Count for the online advertising industry.
Please see our joint Press Release belo for further information.
Affiliate Window and Team Up with Freespee for Next Generation Global Pay-Per-Call Solution