Freespee strikes a major classified ad partnership

We are proud to announce a new strategic partner in Germany – GmbH, owned by eBay.
Through the company’s AutoAct ad management system, Freespee’s call and leads management tools are now available to 36 000 car dealers who advertise on and 22 other classified sites and car search engines AutoAct has direct access to.
Our platform is now fully integrated into AutoAct, making life easier for everyone – just how we like it!
Please see our press release below and contact us for more information!

AutoAct adds new call and leads management tools to improve sales leads handling and advertising performance
28 September 2011, London, Berlin, Stockholm: AutoAct, Germany’s leading automobile sales management system developed by GmbH, is introducing new phone call management tools for its business advertisers using the AutoAct management system for professional customers, following a hugely successful test period.
The new functionality of the AutoAct web application is powered by Freespee, the Swedish advertising technology company, and it enables car dealers to increase advertising performance by capturing all incoming phone leads and measure the quality and source of the leads. The new technology enables access to call data, SMS reminders and even voice mail through the web interface. Co-workers can share and comment the information between each other for improved customer service.
Freespee’s technology is now fully integrated into AutoAct, a system used by thousands of car dealers every day. The deal marks the beginning of a strategic partnership between Freespee and GmbH, giving Freespee access to Central Europe’s vast car advertising market.

Martin Tschopp, General Manager of GmbH & eBay Classifieds Central Europe, comments: “Thanks to our new partnership with Freespee we can provide a more convenient handling and analysis of phone calls as an integral part of AutoAct. This valuable function allows car dealers not only to improve the tracking of their phone leads, but also to measure the real performance of their marketing channels. We found out that is delivering on average at least 3 times as many leads as any of its direct competitors.”

Phone calls and voicemails, using regular phones, are integrated into the AutoAct web dashboard where car dealers can profit from complete leads history, geographical targeting and leads quality information. Phone calls and voicemails can be commented on and shared among staff. SMS is used to inform staff about important activities. All information is displayed by advertising channel, which helps in optimising marketing spend and staffing of the sales teams – from the smallest dealerships to the largest chains.

“We are delighted to announce this major partnership with GmbH and in particular we are very excited to see the fast uptake by German car dealers continue from our test period”, says Carl Holmquist, Founder and CEO of Freespee. “Consumers and car sales reps can now profit from not having to live with leads getting lost, as Freespee is making phone calls and voicemail as easy and visible in the CRM tool as email is today.” Holmquist continues.

Through AutoAct, GmbH joins the ranks of dozens of leading European ad networks cooperating with Freespee to improve their advertising performance by using the Freespee call monetisation technology.