Freespee Analytics 1.6.3 released

We hereby introduce Analytics 1.6.3! This latest version of Freespee Analytics was released during Thursday night. Some of the cleverest night owls at Freespee worked through the darkest hours to put the new version into action.
Please have a look at our summary of the most important enhancements below. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this release.

Alternative answering numbers

In the past you’ve been limited to one answering number per source. This will change with Analytics 1.6.3! We’ve added a feature to give you the option to configure an advanced answering number matrix. Using this matrix, you may configure different answering numbers per weekday(s) and time of day. This brilliant new feature is of course also available through the API.

This feature is not activated by default. Talk to your sales contact if you want to get started with alternative answering numbers.
Features changing names
We felt that Click-for-number and Web numbers are quite similar – they are in fact dynamic. That’s why we are now changing the names of these features as described below.
Click-for-number >> Dynamic number, server side
Web number >> Dynamic number, client side

Lead notes gets enhanced with e-mail notifications
Commenting on leads and calls is a much-appreciated feature among advertisers who have started using it. To make it even better, we’ve added e-mail notifications. This means you’ll be notified if someone adds a note on a lead or call you’ve been commenting on – to keep you in the loop!
API + Voicemail = true
Voicemail greeting recording and voicemail settings on sources are now available in the API. There is also a change in the API’s statistics resources. We added paging to help keep the result sets at reasonable size.
To find out all the details concerning these changes, please request the latest API documentation from Helpdesk by logging into your account or by contacting us.