For Services, Mobile Commerce Is Propelled By Click-to-Call

Everybody working in mobile advertising and media knows this all too well: Consumers have gone mobile, but advertising spending is lagging behind. This disproportional gap can be clearly seen in the statistics published by the mobile app analytics company Flurry:

Why is this and what’s the opportunity?
Today, it’s fairly easy to sell products and services to consumers online – but mobile is more challenging environment for commerce. Have you even once entered your credit card information on your phone for example?
Mobile has been an ad channel for content and entertainment, as well as on some degree branding, but only a handful of companies have so far been able to move any significant amount of actual business to mobile. Naturally this has kept mobile ad spending comparably low, but on the other hand also the cost of the media reasonable.
In short, adding Click-to-Call to mobile campaigns is the easiest and the most powerful way for any service brand to convert mobile advertising into commerce today.
Instead of buying impressions – or clicks to sites that do not convert well on mobile – why not buy qualified calls that drive new business instantly?
Google has just published a case study with Razorfish and Starwood Hotels & Resorts about the international hotel chain’s success on mobile Click-to-Call advertising, and the results are phenomenal:

  • 20x increase in mobile paid search ROI
  • Mobile booking growth of 20% month on month
  • 200% increase in mobile traffic

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Flurry blog
Google Mobile Ads Blog (full Starwood case study in PDF)