Freespee Performance launched!

When each phone call from advertising is worth 5€-40€, wouldn’t it be nice to tap into that revenue stream?
We are happy to announce a new member to the Freespee product family: Freespee Performance.

With Freespee Performance, publishers and ad networks are able to start monetizing phone calls that initiate from their media properties.
Based on quality factors such as call length (Cost-Per-Lead, CPL) or completed transaction (Cost-Per-Sale, CPS), media value can be optimized and the advertisers can be served with customers who are ready to buy instantly.
Used by major affiliate networks such as Affiliate Window,, Daisycon and Zanox, Freespee Performance has already established as the leading technology platform in Europe for call advertising.
Learn more on our updated platform pages!
PRESS RELEASE: Freespee adds phone calls as an advertising currency, reaches out to developers globally with its latest platform release

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