2012's top 10 affiliate technologies

Marketing is the next big money sector in technology” they say, and so A4U’s Simon Holland digs in deeper what it means in affiliate marketing:

Call monetisation
Networks are constantly looking for ways to minimise leakage and bring new and existing channels into the affiliate sector. One such company that’s seemingly not going unnoticed in network circles is Freespee, which is basically an API that sits between consumer-facing affiliate and advertiser. Freespee’s product provides a measurable and monetisable phone number through which consumers can get hold of somebody and discuss the item they’re looking to purchase. Advertisers are then able to bid for calls in the hopes of converting one of those queries to an actual sale.
Kevin Edwards, strategy director at Affiliate Window, agrees that Freespee would give affiliates another weapon in terms of conversion. “[Freespee can] really drive Affiliate Window’s ability to guarantee affiliates aren’t losing out on mobile sales by offering m-commerce platforms to our advertiser base,” he explains.

Other top-10 affiliate technologies in the article are data analytics, video, Skimwords, NFC, ExactView, attribution solutions, social media, MymCart and Google Search Plus Your World.
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