Freespee tools for developers

Along with the latest version of the Freespee Call Advertising Suite, we also announced the public availability of our Application Programming Interface (API) for developers. The Freespee API is the world’s first call advertising API which is purpose-built to serve all call-intensive verticals: Local search, online classifieds, affiliate marketing, vertical search and price comparison, as well as mobile advertising.


We are very proud to say that the biggest media groups in Europe and the U.S. already trust our API to build their own call advertising tools, or simply integrate our platform with their own. However, for some audience, we will always miss some features, and there is no better way to extend a platform than to offer a simple but powerful API for that audience. We have exposed everything in our platform, so any developer can build their own call advertising service in a few lines of code, or integrate to an existing ad network or content management system.
Here’s an overview of the Developers section:
Freespee API documentation
Introduction | Resources | Examples | Version history
Freespee Tracking Methods
Dynamic Numbers | Online Click-to-Call | Mobile Tracking SDK
Did you know that using the Mobile Tracking SDK for iPhone and Android you can do full call tracking with Freespee Analytics and Freespee Performance without changing any phone numbers? Or that you can now find code examples to build your own call advertising applications?
See more at our Developer section and contact me if you have any questions or would like to give feedback!

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