CASE: Adding call bidding to price comparison websites

One of the most successful call advertising applications using the Freespee API has been adding service offerings (think insurance, finance, telecom, utilities, etc.) to traditional price comparison websites, which mostly still offer physical products like electronics.
Even if the price comparison site already include these offerings, adding monetizable phone number will improve the conversion rate tremendously, because people rarely buy these services using online forms, but rather call!

There are two ways for price comparison website publishers to learn more about how they could benefit reaching new types of advertisers and optimizing the value of their traffic.
1. Download the business case study (please enter your email address to access the PDF file)
2. See the example code in Freespee Developer tools
Even though the business case study demonstrates a U.S. example, this works perfectly in Europe as well! Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to get started.