Freespee Partners With Daisycon In Expanding To France & Belgium

We are happy to announce a new partnership with the leading affiliate network from Netherlands, Daisycon. The company is Freespee’s first partner in France and Belgium, where we are developing our business by providing large service industry advertisers and independent affiliates, as well as major publishers, ways to significantly improve online marketing performance with phone call conversions from new customers.
Please find more information on our mutual press releases in English and Dutch. Advertisers and affiliates interested in launching new programs which combine online and offline conversions can contact Daisycon directly.

In the area of performance based online marketing, Daisycon has played a pioneering role for over ten years; leading to having a significant position when it comes to affiliate marketing and lead generation. With more than 70.000 active websites and 1.700 ongoing campaigns daily, Daisycon is the largest Dutch affiliate network, and it has it’s ambitions: Daisycon is currently offering her services in four markets: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

With several significant acknowledgements and awards, Daisycon is one of the most commended organisations in this technology driven industry. Smart features such as real time statistics and the advanced conversion tracking tools make Daisycon a competitive player internationally. With about 75 specialist on board, Daisycon is striving to keep pushing the boundaries of performance based online marketing and keep innovating its time-tested stable and reliable network.

More information in Dutch, German, French and English.