Freespee introduces a web widget for live customer conversations

What’s the biggest pain facing performance advertisers and publishers driving sales leads from digital advertising?
Increasingly, the answer we hear is ‘conversion rate’ – the number of visitors who convert or take an action after clicking to your site.
As marketing guru Seth Godin puts it, in many cases this rate is 1% – Luckily, this is something marketers can directly affect.
With the new Freespee Callback Widget you can witness your web traffic conversion rate double and customer satisfaction skyrocket!

Here’s how it works:

  1. A simple script is installed on any desktop or mobile website.
  2. Website visitors will now see a green phone symbol on the right-hand side of your site – just like the feedback button many websites have on the left-hand side.
  3. In addition to user-actions, the Callback Widget can be automatically triggered to open by an event on your site or after a timer has run out – suiting perfectly to those most common drop-off pages.
  4. The visitor will get the ability to get their questions answered by a real life person, without any cost to them.

What happens after that? On the selected time, Freespee initiates a call to the advertiser and then connects the advertiser directly to the visitor’s phone. Once the script is installed, everything happens automagically and the visitor gets the information they need whenever they need it.
That’s customer service!
Test it yourself on and contact us to get started!