Welcome to the New Freespee!

Today is a big day for Freespee – and we are indeed very excited.
We are happy to announce that Freespee has raised a €3.3 million financing round from a new investor, Denmark’s Sunstone Capital. Please find the full press release in English, Swedish, Finnish and German.
You can also find coverage of the news on TechCrunch.
There are plenty of things happening, which we will tell more about soon – but here’s a summary:

  • Our average daily call traffic has increased 4X since 2011 – most attributed to traffic from smartphone apps and browsing
  • We now allow advertisers to sign-up directly for Freespee Analytics
  • We have announced a new product called Freespee Ads (beta)
  • We will soon open a new commercial office in London, United Kingdom
  • We are hiring – several positions open in Uppsala and Berlin

Despite all the new things, we continue mobile click-to-call advertising innovation and full-steam development of the Freespee platform, as well as continue to fully support anyone using or wanting to use our platform through the Freespee API.
I would like to thank all our partners, clients, team members, investors and other stakeholders. So far so good – this is only the beginning of the Mobile Era.
Please drop me an email or call if you have any questions about today’s news.
Thank you and best regards,
Carl Holmquist
Founder & CEO of Freespee (contact info)
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