Free Version Of Freespee Analytics Rolling Out Across Europe

While tens of thousands of companies already enjoy the benefits of Freespee call analytics, there are even more of those who haven’t yet tried it out.

To help you get started, we have launched a 100% free, limited edition of Freespee Analytics for mobile click-to-call tracking!

The self-service sign-ups will be rolled out country by country. Whether your country is already eligible, you can find out on the sign-up form at If we’re not yet live in your market, please enter your email address and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Publishers, ad networks, and agencies should contact us directly.
In case your business is located outside of Europe & North America, you can always use the Freespee Mobile App Tracking SDK to add call tracking to your native iPhone and Android applications.
We have also improved the advertiser price list to make it easier to choose between the different editions. Please note that the pricing can vary between countries.
Whether you install our script on a desktop or mobile website, the free version measures calls from visitors who access the site with their smartphones. It’s very easy to get started – no risk and no need to enter your credit card information.
Later you can easily upgrade to the Premium edition – starting at 19€/month (VAT 0%), you will get even more features. Why not give it a try!