10 million reasons to get started with Freespee!

We have reached a major milestone: Over 10 million calls – realtime conversations between buyers and sellers – have gone through Freespee and added value to our advertisers, publisher and partner networks.
It’s time to celebrate!!
Out of the 15 countries we are  live in, advertisers in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands can now sign-up for Freespee Analytics directly at – we are working hard to add more countries very soon! If you are a publisher, ad network or large advertiser that receives hundreds or thousands of calls per day, you can contact us to get started right away.
Why Freespee Analytics? We enable advertisers to analyze calls from any advertising source – especially now with the exponential growth of mobile advertising, click-to-call can be the most cost efficient way of getting more sales leads and driving revenue growth. Without call tracking and analytics, your marketing efforts are like a black hole, whenever the customer prefers contacting by phone.
Try it yourself! We also offer a completely free version to track calls from smartphone browsers. Getting started takes 5 minutes, just register and add the tracking code to your site!