Mr Freeman: How I learned to stop worrying and love my mobile campaign

We’re excited to introduce you to the first of our very own heroes – the smart and suave Mr Freeman, who with Freespee’s help experienced the magic of accurate data and thereby reaped the rewards of his mobile campaign. Enjoy this video and learn his story:

What makes this video so special for us is that it is actually based on the real story of one of our most devoted customers. The Swedish car rental company MABI Hyrbilar had gone through the same pain as Mr Freeman did, before they came across Freespee who helped them to embrace their mobile marketing efforts and achieve success:

‘In the car rental business a lot of potential customers prefer to call before making up their mind, so analyzing those conversions is of crucial importance for us,’ says Ronnie Brodin, MABI’s marketing director. ‘We’d been looking for a smart way to do it and discovered Freespee. It has become a real eye-opener for us, demonstrating, loud and clear, which marketing channels are driving us calls and, in the long run, sales. Armed with Freespee data, we concentrated more heavily on specific channels, such as Google Adwords, Facebook,, and as a result our customer acquisition costs has lowered significantly. We’re thrilled by the results and will in the future rely on Freespee in our ad spending.’

Stay tuned for more Freespee stories and videos as well as other great things which we have lined up for the next couple of months!