Meet Freespee and our partners at a4uexpo Amsterdam

a4uexpo is going to rock the performance marketing world once again – this time in Amsterdam, July 2-3.
Meet Freespee and get the latest update on Freespee Ads and opportunities in mobile display advertising!
To book a meeting, please contact Chris Shields –
You can also get in touch with any of the Freespee partners at the show: ZanoxTradedoublerWebgains, Daisycon, AffiliRed, Ligatus, Adtraction and Public-Idées.
Looking forward to see you in funky Amsterdam!

Midsummer celebrations at Freespee office

It’s time for Midsummer, one of the most important holidays of the year in Sweden! That means that tomorrow, June 21, Freespee team will be off enjoying strawberries and pickled herring in the mesmerizing light of the “white night”. We’ll be back on Monday though, ready to continue serving you with mobile advertising magic!
Happy Midsummer from the Freespee team!

Photo courtesy of David Svensson


Freespee Analytics – Starting Today – Is Now Free In Germany

For some time now we’ve been offering mobile advertisers in other markets the first 100 minutes of call tracking per month free of charge. And starting today, the same goes for mobile advertisers in Germany.
For those of you who haven’t already installed our JavaScript on your website, Freespee Analytics lets you pinpoint which of your paid-for clicks are generating the best phone calls in response to your ads. And, armed with that information you can then optimize your ad placement and dramatically increase the number of quality leads you’re receiving.
From our interaction with Freespee users – basically mobile advertisers whose target customers want to talk to someone before they buy or sign-up for a product or service – it’s become clear that tuning their click bids and ad placement was total guesswork until they started using our call tracking analytics.
Most had been trying to use tools like Google Analytics to do the job for mobile ads. The problem is that those old tools were created for the web – not phones – and can’t return the call metrics you need. As a result, those advertisers were only seeing about 30% of their conversions. From our perspective, that’s a huge blind spot that’s easily resolved. With Freespee Analytics you can see 100% of your conversions and instantly identify which paid clicks are generating the most qualified phone calls.
If 100 minutes per month isn’t enough, you can always sign-up for our premium analytics starting at €19 per month, which includes online audience tracking for comparing desktop traffic to mobile traffic. And, the premium packages allow you to track keywords used in SEM, SEO, as well as organic traffic.
Check it out. It only takes a few minutes to install the script.