Farewell our old office – so long and thanks for all these years!

As you might have noticed from our blog updates, the Freespee team has been growing like mushrooms after the rain in the last half a year. So, we have inevitably come to a day when our cozy headquarters at Villavägen 7 have become too small to fit all those new ideas, drive and creativity that our new team members have brought in. It makes us a bit sad, but also incredibly thrilled to announce that today is our last day at the old office, since tomorrow we’re moving to our new cool quarters at Strandbogatan 10! We’ve spent 4 really successful, challenging and fun years at Villavägen, now it’s time to move on to new space and new adventures.
Bye-bye Villavägen, so long and thanks for all the fun!

On the photo: wall stickers in developers' room, Freespee old office