Freespee Heroes: How Euromaster Grew Sales By 20%

A while ago we presented the story of our Denmark-based partners SpotOn Marketing and their thriving Pay-Per-Call business idea, empowered by Freespee. This time we’re moving up north to introduce you to the next of Freespee Heroes: Christopher Häggström, Online Marketing Manager for Euromaster Nordic Zone – a real pro in his field and our most ardent ambassador:
“Freespee is truly sensational,” said Häggström. “It’s so cool to have a tool that finally lets me measure and adjust my marketing spend – take real action based on data, instead of relying on gut-feel.”
Check out the Euromaster’s story to learn how they managed to increase their incoming customers by 20% without spending a penny more and what role Freespee played in this move. Enjoy!

Freespee introduces Real Time Bidding connected to MoPub and MADS from day 1

Enterprise marketers using the Freespee platform already know the benefits of automated optimization with our plugins for display ad networks, including Zanox, Tradedoubler, Webgains, AdTraction and others.

But when it comes to mobile display ads, our customers have been facing bigger challenges. Until now, even embedding the Freespee script on a mobile website to link a phone call back to the click and impression, didn’t allow data-driven decision making.

At Freespee, our mission is quite simple: make display advertising perform as efficiently as, if not better than search.

As this is not the case for businesses whose customers want to speak to someone before they buy, we used our programmatic skills to fix this problem. First, we built a bidding tool, now available to everyone on our Premium plan. It’s a pretty skillful piece of code (if we say so ourselves), that bids on single impressions in real time and makes its bidding decisions based on the data collected by the Freespee script on your mobile web site. It’s 100% automated. And, it’s the only bidding software that takes into account that many of the visitors to your website prefer to call you, rather than fill out your contact form. In fact, our customer data indicates that 80% of the online visitors choose to call before buying from service businesses.

The first mobile Real Time Bidding (RTB) inventory we’ve connected was the world’s largest – MoPubrecently acquired by Twitter, which means that soon you will be able to bid for ad placement on Twitter in real time, using Freespee.

In addition, we’ve just added MADS, the boutique mobile SSP and Multi-screen Ad Server, to get better European reach.

But what’s especially nice is that once you have your banners in hand, it’ll take you no more than 5 minutes to launch a mobile campaign with Freespee.

So – what’s in this for you, as a marketer?

With the Freespee Real Time Bidder you’re now able to place mobile display ads more intelligently – and in real time. Freespee makes new bidding decisions in less than 200 milliseconds, based on the conversion data collected on your mobile website.

And best of all, for Freespee Premium customers, the only fee for using our data driven bidding tool is a small 10% commission fee on the budget managed by the Freespee bidder. No setup fees. No hidden fees. No managed service fees.

Simple as always.

Get in touch with us if you want to learn more and get started.

Freespee Heroes: How Spot On Marketing helps small businesses grow

One of the things we are most proud here at Freespee (apart from the wickedly talented team and cool product) is our partners and customers – brilliant business ideas, bright minds, warm personalities. Ten of them joined us for the Freespee Community Unconference in our new Uppsala office and, frankly, we were totally smitten by their performances. Their engagement, creativity and intelligence is what makes us spin and adds fun and challenge to our everyday. They use Freespee in unique ways, skyrocket sales, hit all times high and open up new businesses. Their stories are really worth sharing, and today we are starting the series of blog articles about Freespee Heroes in which we’ll publish the most interesting case studies from our customer and partner community.

We are very proud to launch this series with the case study featuring Simon Salomonsson and Rasmus Hoeks – the founders of the Copenhagen-based company Spot On Marketing. Read their story on our freshly opened community site and stay tuned for more of Freespee Heroes articles!