Freespee Heroes: How Spot On Marketing helps small businesses grow

One of the things we are most proud here at Freespee (apart from the wickedly talented team and cool product) is our partners and customers – brilliant business ideas, bright minds, warm personalities. Ten of them joined us for the Freespee Community Unconference in our new Uppsala office and, frankly, we were totally smitten by their performances. Their engagement, creativity and intelligence is what makes us spin and adds fun and challenge to our everyday. They use Freespee in unique ways, skyrocket sales, hit all times high and open up new businesses. Their stories are really worth sharing, and today we are starting the series of blog articles about Freespee Heroes in which we’ll publish the most interesting case studies from our customer and partner community.

We are very proud to launch this series with the case study featuring Simon Salomonsson and Rasmus Hoeks – the founders of the Copenhagen-based company Spot On Marketing. Read their story on our freshly opened community site and stay tuned for more of Freespee Heroes articles!