Freespee Heroes: How Euromaster Grew Sales By 20%

A while ago we presented the story of our Denmark-based partners SpotOn Marketing and their thriving Pay-Per-Call business idea, empowered by Freespee. This time we’re moving up north to introduce you to the next of Freespee Heroes: Christopher Häggström, Online Marketing Manager for Euromaster Nordic Zone – a real pro in his field and our most ardent ambassador:
“Freespee is truly sensational,” said Häggström. “It’s so cool to have a tool that finally lets me measure and adjust my marketing spend – take real action based on data, instead of relying on gut-feel.”
Check out the Euromaster’s story to learn how they managed to increase their incoming customers by 20% without spending a penny more and what role Freespee played in this move. Enjoy!