Anders Hassis on Freespee, WebRTC and startups

Creative, daring people is what makes Freespee, Freespee. Today we’d like you to meet one of these individuals who has been a valuable part of our team – Anders Hassis, freshly baked MSc in Computer and Information Engineering and co-founder of SwedishStartupSpace, popular newshub for startups in Sweden. Within last 4 months Anders was writing his master thesis at Freespee, so we caught up to talk a bit about it.
What brought you to Freespee?
This is a pretty classical story, actually. I was studying at the Uppsala University and looking for a company to write my master thesis at. I am passionate about all things web and mobile, so when I heard about Freespee “through the grapevine”, it felt very right. I found the ad, in which you were looking for a student to write a thesis about WebRTC. It sounded exciting, so I applied and got in.
Can you tell us a bit what WebRTC is about?
WebRTC is a pretty cool open source project which in this project will allow people to call to a regular PSTN network from a smartphone web browser. That will mean lower costs for end users and larger pools of devices you can target, plus more tracking metrics for network operators.
How did you work on your thesis while at Freespee?
In the beginning I did plenty of research, because it was quite a new area for me. Otherwise I worked closely with Karan who is experienced in VOIPs, we were constantly trying and testing, and everything was successful. The biggest challenge was the academic part of the paper: defining the scope, stating goals and bringing together, so to say, academic and business worlds.
How did you like working with Freespee?
It was great, the best part was the people here – very nice and helpful, but also ambitious and goal oriented.
What’s next for you? Are you going to continue working with WebRTC?
This week I’m starting as an IT-consultant for the Stockholm based company Netlight Consulting, so I am definitely not going away from IT in the nearest future. I haven’t really made up my mind, whether my heart is more in web or mobile, so I don’t rule out the possibility to work with WebRTC again at some point.We’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll also continue working on my side project SwedishStartupSpace, startups and crazy ideas behind them is what I truly love.
Good luck in your future adventures, Anders! Thanks for being a great part of Freespee, albeit briefly.

The Freespee Community is officially launched

Today, after a month of beta testing with our founding members, we’re are happy to announce the launch of the Freespee Community – the virtual place for digital marketing practitioners to share their experience and best practices about how to use call analytics and mobile advertising to achieve professional success. You can find more details in the community blog.
We’re still in the inception phase, but the excitement overdose is upon us and we can’t wait to walk this community road together with you, our friends, partners and customers!
Get on board and join the conversation!