Freespee Heroes: How ProVISTA captures new prospects while saving hiring costs

Freespee has never been about one-size-fits-all solution. We like thinking about our customers as unique and special, and we’re working hard on adding customizable tweaks and features to make our software flexible enough to suit businesses of all kinds and sizes. We are really proud that our portfolio includes giants like Euromaster along with small local companies with a dozen employees. In this article from Freespee Heroes series, we’re featuring one of the latter group – a small physical therapy practice ProVISTA, based in our native Uppsala, and their own Cecilia Gustaffson, who stands behind the whole Freespee story:
With Freespee we’re providing people with an easy way to connect with us, which is comfortable for them. Plus we are able to catch all leads and provide great customer care, all this without having to employ another person, which is crucial for a company like us,” said Cecilia.
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Day in the Life of Freespee's Director of Support

Freespee is hiring support and delivery representatives! We’re looking for problem solvers, who are able to see through the eyes of the customer, with genuine and humble attitude. The full description of the roles is available on our Job page, but to give you a bit of insight of what it’s like to work with customer support at Freespee, we’ve talked to Jessica Ogden, our head of support and service activation, about her typical day.
How did you come to work at Freespee? What was the selling point for you?
I’d been following Freespee for a while and became curious, so I contacted someone working at the company to explore if there was an opening for me. What got me hooked was that dynamic-creative-startup-feeling within Freespee where everything is possible! Now, 2 years later, I am still high on this feeling!
What does a typical customer interaction look like?
It’s difficult to specify a typical one, it can be everything, from a quick question-answer session via email or a helpdesk ticket, to lengthy phone calls and Skype meetings.
What do you love about your job?
For me support is one of the most important and fun roles in a company. It´s so exciting and rewarding to meet and collaborate with brilliant, often market leading, people who are using our product. Of course, working next to the amazing colleagues doesn’t make my job any duller 😉
Why be a support person at Freespee?
You will never ever get bored, and you will learn a lot every day.
How does your typical day looks like?

I usually wake up around quarter past six and get kids ready for school. I bike to work every day, even if it’s raining. First thing in the office – coffee and looking through my mail whether there are any alarms and urgent issues to deal with. If there is nothing that requires my attention right away, I go on with some phone number admin such as testing numbers and refilling the pools. Then I deal with support tickets and email and usually go on up until lunch unless some meetings come up, for example today it was the review of the last development increment with the tech team. After lunch I set up new client accounts, check Freespee voicemail, return customers’ calls and answer more tickets. My day very often depends on what we get in our helpdesk inbox – usually I work closely with our second line support, account managers and finance department, which means more meetings. Before signing off for the day I check the ticket status again – very few things can stroke my heart more than an empty inbox – and off on my bike!

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The beginning of a new era

In the past few months, it’s been very dynamic over here at Freespee. We have gone through important transformations: moving into shiny new office in Uppsala, adding 10 more talented members to the Freespee family, and growing our customer base significantly. We’ve also opened a new Freespee Berlin office and we’ve settled a team in good ol’ London! (We can’t wait to share with you all the glam around that soon, so watch this space.)

We have inevitably come to the point where we realized that, following all the development, we had grown out of the old Freespee like one grows out of old shoes. One of the things we are pretty good at here, at Freespee, is killing our darlings in our strive for the better.

It’s today that we’re marking the beginning of a new era for Freespee. A long anticipated transformation that incorporates our wish to manifest Freespee’s true personality: vivid and innovative.

Here it is! After months of tireless work, brainstorming, development, design and planning, it’s finally here! Today, we can’t be happier to announce the official launch of the new Freespee website and brand.

Let’s be honest, the old website didn’t give much justice for Freespee. That’s why, building the new Freespee has been a great journey for us. Thanks to the feedback and support from customers, partners and friends, we’ve come to rethink the structure and layout of, and we’ve given new life to the Freespee flower. Of course, it is still green (well, it’s a bit greener), so don’t panic!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new Freespee! And last, but not least, thank you for staying with us for all these years and being an important part of Freespee’s development.

 On photo: Our UX designer Christian is adding final touch to the new