Freespee Heroes: How ProVISTA captures new prospects while saving hiring costs

Freespee has never been about one-size-fits-all solution. We like thinking about our customers as unique and special, and we’re working hard on adding customizable tweaks and features to make our software flexible enough to suit businesses of all kinds and sizes. We are really proud that our portfolio includes giants like Euromaster along with small local companies with a dozen employees. In this article from Freespee Heroes series, we’re featuring one of the latter group – a small physical therapy practice ProVISTA, based in our native Uppsala, and their own Cecilia Gustaffson, who stands behind the whole Freespee story:
With Freespee we’re providing people with an easy way to connect with us, which is comfortable for them. Plus we are able to catch all leads and provide great customer care, all this without having to employ another person, which is crucial for a company like us,” said Cecilia.
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