Season's greetings from the Freespee family

The end of the festive season and the beginning of the new year always mean two things: looking back at the year to reflect, and making plans for what’s ahead in the upcoming one. For us at Freespee, 2013 has been a year to remember, and the exciting things happening to us in the past twelve months have made us anticipate 2014 with even more impatiently. We are so eager to see what’s next for us!!
In 2013, Freespee moved to new offices and new cities. We expanded the Freespee family with 10 new members, developed our platform massively and gave birth to the new Freespee brand and logo. All of this in just twelve months!
After 3 years of empowering the leading European ad networks with our Voice communication API, many big brands trusted our technology every day through our partner networks. At some point, we were getting numerous questions whether we could develop an advertiser solution on top of our API. The brands loved our rock solid reliability and sophisticated tracking and attribution. So, finally we decided to go for it. We opened the Freespee platform for brands and SMBs during 2013. And what a success has this been!
Business owners across 16 markets have implemented Freespee code on their websites. Minutes later phone calls are turned into data for them and this feeds into the Adwords account of the business owner, as well as to their trading desks for Display media. All this to make it easier for online customers to talk to brands.
Over the year, with our customers’ and partners’ feedback, we worked hard on making the Freespee experience smoother and effortless. We are constantly adding more and more platforms to our plugin list, which support seamless data feeds from Freespee.
Listening to our customers telling us how they are reaping the success of their ad campaigns made us devoted to launch of the Freespee Community, an environment for our customers to share the new, innovative ways they use Freespee, and discover insights from thought leaders and digital professionals looking for new approaches to stellar marketing.
Thank you for being with us and have a fantastic 2014!

On photo: Our own Carsten and Niels raising a glass at the Freespee Christmas Party


Automatic number detection now available

One of the things that make Freespee what it is, is our wish to always improve our product, so it stands out as a leader in the market, and, most importantly, exceeds our customers’ expectations. That is why, we are constantly communicating with our clients to find out what they would like us to facilitate and improve, so Freespee works better for them and their business.
That’s why we looked at the very start of our customers’ experience with Freespeе: adding the Freespee “snippet” to the source code of a web page and tagging all phone numbers, so we can start connecting the calls to the website visitors.
Have you, too, been confused when going through the process of tagging your numbers? We know this was a bit too much of a hassle, аnd we’ve just found the solution to that!
In our javascript, we have now added a new feature, which automatically detects and tags your numbers when you just drop few lines of code into your landing page. Yes, that simple.
Imagine it as an index tool that looks through your landing page and automatically detects phone numbers. When the visitor arrives, Freespee serves a Freespee Call extension instead in the same place, where you used to display your phone number.
Full information about this new feature is available under Preferred Method: Automatic number detection can be found here.
All of this, so you have one less thing to think through, so you have more time to enjoy the Freespee magic.
Happy Freespeeing!

Freespee Heroes: How a real estate agency peaked all time high in sales

Last week we presented to you the case study of the SEM agency Kenzaku, where their Sales Manager Liam Sadeghi shared how one of their customers, the real estate agency “not only increased calls based on the optimisation of keywords, but also understood which keywords are more successful and lead to more successful calls to their customers”.
Their results were so amazing, that we wanted to tell you more about them. Today, at our Freespee Heroes, we are revealing the story of that real estate broker, who, thanks to Freespee data, peaked all time high in sales in just two weeks! And not only that – now can also see which keywords and ads generate calls, something that is worth a real fortune in real estate. We are proud and humbled to have been playing a crucial role in their success journey!
Read the whole story at our Stories page.

London calling, yes, now we're there too!

Times are getting more and more exciting here at the Freespee kitchen. Over the year, we have cooked up some seriously delicious treats, like our new logo and website, and the revamp of the Freespee platform. But who said that should be all?
We’ve been really happy about a couple of big things happening behind the scenes in the past few months, and we are glad we can finally share our excitement with you.
Remember we told you our year has been very interesting? It also included office moves (we settled in our new Uppsala home back in July) and set ourselves on a quest to win new territories (London and Berlin). Well, there’s something more to add here: We are very proud to announce that we have moved our headquarters to the Rainmaking Loft in the heart of the St. Katharine’s Docks in London!
Yes, you heard right. We are now Londoners!
As we were growing out of the old Freespee shoes, this move became more than a natural step for us, and we felt the time couldn’t be more right. Of course, Uppsala will always be our dearest home, and we wouldn’t trade Swedish summer for anything in the world!
This exciting new adventure for the Freespee family has been accompanied by the appointment of a very important Freespeean: Thomas Sevège, who has taken the role of chief commercial officer (CCO). Tom comes to Freespee after years of experience with Tradedoubler and AOL’s BeOn, where he was vice president of EMEA operations, and head of business development, respectively. Tom is, above all, an amazing sauce cook and, to be honest, his talents aren’t limited to that, but we will keep the rest a secret. We are more than happy to have him onboard!
We are proud of what we achieved in the past twelve months, and can’t wait to see what the next hold for us. One thing is sure: we are on fire!
Thank you for your support!
And if you are ever in London, we’d love you to join us for afternoon tea!

On photo: Freespeeans in discussion at our new office at the Rainmaking Loft


Freespee Heroes: How Kenzaku uncovered 70% of their customers' conversions

At Freespee, we are devoted to helping our customers understand the importance of measuring both online and offline conversions in order to get better results from their marketing efforts. Believing that only when having the right amount of data, an advertiser can make an adequate decision about their ad spend and placement, we are constantly on the hunt for new ways to improve our software, and our customers’ experience plays a crucial role in this process. Still, what makes us happiest isn’t only the new plugins we’ve integrated, or the improvement of call analytics or features, it’s our customers’ success stories, whether their business is a local physical therapy practice, or a giant tyre company. Every story has its magic!
Today we are looking at Freespee from an SEM agency’s perspective. Kenzaku is an Uppsala based agency on a quest to drive more sales to their clients’ site, and it’s doing it pretty well:
“Thanks to Freespee’s call analytics, we didn’t only increase calls based on the optimisation of keywords, but also understood which keywords are more successful, and also, which are the most successful calls for our customers. ’’ said Liam Sadeghi, Kenzaku’s Sales Manager.
Read more about Kenzaku’s experience on our shiny new Stories page.