Freespee Heroes: How Kenzaku uncovered 70% of their customers' conversions

At Freespee, we are devoted to helping our customers understand the importance of measuring both online and offline conversions in order to get better results from their marketing efforts. Believing that only when having the right amount of data, an advertiser can make an adequate decision about their ad spend and placement, we are constantly on the hunt for new ways to improve our software, and our customers’ experience plays a crucial role in this process. Still, what makes us happiest isn’t only the new plugins we’ve integrated, or the improvement of call analytics or features, it’s our customers’ success stories, whether their business is a local physical therapy practice, or a giant tyre company. Every story has its magic!
Today we are looking at Freespee from an SEM agency’s perspective. Kenzaku is an Uppsala based agency on a quest to drive more sales to their clients’ site, and it’s doing it pretty well:
“Thanks to Freespee’s call analytics, we didn’t only increase calls based on the optimisation of keywords, but also understood which keywords are more successful, and also, which are the most successful calls for our customers. ’’ said Liam Sadeghi, Kenzaku’s Sales Manager.
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