Automatic number detection now available

One of the things that make Freespee what it is, is our wish to always improve our product, so it stands out as a leader in the market, and, most importantly, exceeds our customers’ expectations. That is why, we are constantly communicating with our clients to find out what they would like us to facilitate and improve, so Freespee works better for them and their business.
That’s why we looked at the very start of our customers’ experience with Freespeе: adding the Freespee “snippet” to the source code of a web page and tagging all phone numbers, so we can start connecting the calls to the website visitors.
Have you, too, been confused when going through the process of tagging your numbers? We know this was a bit too much of a hassle, аnd we’ve just found the solution to that!
In our javascript, we have now added a new feature, which automatically detects and tags your numbers when you just drop few lines of code into your landing page. Yes, that simple.
Imagine it as an index tool that looks through your landing page and automatically detects phone numbers. When the visitor arrives, Freespee serves a Freespee Call extension instead in the same place, where you used to display your phone number.
Full information about this new feature is available under Preferred Method: Automatic number detection can be found here.
All of this, so you have one less thing to think through, so you have more time to enjoy the Freespee magic.
Happy Freespeeing!