Season's greetings from the Freespee family

The end of the festive season and the beginning of the new year always mean two things: looking back at the year to reflect, and making plans for what’s ahead in the upcoming one. For us at Freespee, 2013 has been a year to remember, and the exciting things happening to us in the past twelve months have made us anticipate 2014 with even more impatiently. We are so eager to see what’s next for us!!
In 2013, Freespee moved to new offices and new cities. We expanded the Freespee family with 10 new members, developed our platform massively and gave birth to the new Freespee brand and logo. All of this in just twelve months!
After 3 years of empowering the leading European ad networks with our Voice communication API, many big brands trusted our technology every day through our partner networks. At some point, we were getting numerous questions whether we could develop an advertiser solution on top of our API. The brands loved our rock solid reliability and sophisticated tracking and attribution. So, finally we decided to go for it. We opened the Freespee platform for brands and SMBs during 2013. And what a success has this been!
Business owners across 16 markets have implemented Freespee code on their websites. Minutes later phone calls are turned into data for them and this feeds into the Adwords account of the business owner, as well as to their trading desks for Display media. All this to make it easier for online customers to talk to brands.
Over the year, with our customers’ and partners’ feedback, we worked hard on making the Freespee experience smoother and effortless. We are constantly adding more and more platforms to our plugin list, which support seamless data feeds from Freespee.
Listening to our customers telling us how they are reaping the success of their ad campaigns made us devoted to launch of the Freespee Community, an environment for our customers to share the new, innovative ways they use Freespee, and discover insights from thought leaders and digital professionals looking for new approaches to stellar marketing.
Thank you for being with us and have a fantastic 2014!

On photo: Our own Carsten and Niels raising a glass at the Freespee Christmas Party