Freespee Heroes: How Marginalen Bank mastered their advertising campaigns

Last year, we started revealing the success stories of our customers. We looked at tyre giant Euromaster and spoke to their Online Marketing Manager for the Nordic Zone Christopher Häggström, who told us how he started relying on real data, instead of gut feel when leading Euromaster’s online ad activities. Thus, thanks to our amazing technology and a fruitful cooperation, Euromaster increased sales by 20% for the same ad spend.

In 2013, we also spoke to Simon Salomonsson and Rasmus Hoeks, whose desire to help small companies grow makes Spot On Marketing a truly extraordinary online marketing company. With Freespee, they were able to substantially increase the revenue of a dentist in the course of 8 months and started helping advertisers make more intelligent decisions about ad spend.

At Freespee, our desire is to suit businesses of all kinds and sizes. Our solution is ever improving to be flexible enough to meet each and every different business’ needs, and that’s why we are having both supporting SEM agencies like Kenzaku, who used Freespee to unveil 70% of their customer’s conversions, and a local physical therapy practices, like ProVista, who captured new prospects while saving hiring costs.

At the first installment of the Freespee Heroes for 2014, we are taking a look at a very interesting financial institution. Marginalen Bank is an online bank in Sweden. Being in the financial sector, Marginalen has always understood the crucial importance of accurate data in evaluating and optimising online efforts. “Our digital sales presence is a key customer touch point for us and we see Freespee as an important part of our future success.“, says Johannes Zetterström, Marginalen’s Campaign Manager.

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