Freespee keeps getting better

I’m very excited to share with you some recent updates from the Engineering team here at Freespee. The team has been really busy integrating your feedback – adding tweaks and altering the Freespee platform to make it more powerful than it has ever been. We are very pleased to share with you what the outcome of this is.
Here’s a breakdown of the features in the last Engineering update:
New Plugin Section design on the Freespee Dashboard
The Plugins section on the Freespee Dashboard has been redesigned and moved from Settings to Plugins tab. All plugins are now visible for our customers. Installing a plugin is very easy, but if you run into problems, you can always contact our Helpdesk and they will get you up and running effortlessly.

Edit static sources
Customers can edit their “Connect calls to” setting on static sources even when they are connected to a campaign. This feature is available on the “Sources” tab.

New default call filter
The standard filter for the start page used to be ”Show All calls”. A more useful one is ”Answered/missed” so this is now the default choice.

VAT validation and support for multiple currencies (EUR, GBP and USD)
Self signup customers can enter VAT number and choose currency. VAT number is validated before data is saved.

Search advertising is easy when you know how

At Freespee, it’s our business to know how we can help you make your search advertising more effective and successful. We all learn the most from the mistakes we make, so how best to share our insights than through examples of some of the ones we’ve made ourselves, as well as those we’ve seen in practise.
Read what our CEO, Carl Holmquist had to say about the five most common mistakes made in search advertising on Digital Marketing Magazine.
For more insights from Carl, be sure to follow him on Twitter @Carlhtalks.

Freespee Product Update: DoubleClick plugin

Freespee is very excited about the power of automatic bid strategies in products such as DoubleClick Search. With the addition of call data metrics, the mathematical algorithms can make much better bidding decisions. We are an integral part of closing a very big gap, and that’s why together with our friends at Google, we have developed a plugin for the Google DoubleClick Search.

In simple words, this means that when the plugin is enabled Freespee will feed information about calls to the customer DoubleClick Search account. In the feed, there will be information linking each call to the DoubleClick Search visitor and the particular ad that generated the conversion. The Freespee DS plugin utilises the DoubleClick Search Conversion API and feeds data to the customers DS account in real time. Bid strategies in the DoubleClick Search platform will be able to leverage this data and make better mathematical bid decisions based on more complete statistics (rather than partial statistics which will be the case of not accounting for call conversions).

The impact of the DoubleClick integration can bring drastic changes to the amount of data available to the advertiser. If you’re curious to know more, this is a great blog post to get you up to speed with some fancier details about DoubleClick.

In the Freespee platform, when activating the plugin, you can choose which Action Tag in the DoubleClick Search platform to attribute calls to. For example, you can choose to send calls that are considered successful (dependent on your selected call qualification criteria in the Freespee platform) to one Action Tag and all other calls to another Action Tag.

Setting up the Google DoubleClick plugin is really easy – our helpdesk will guide you through the simple process.

Freespee Heroes: How a UK beauty clinic is rethinking online path to purchase

There’s nothing we are more proud of, and nothing that drives us more than our customers’ success. We’re focusing every bit of our engineering and developers’ efforts on the optimisation of Freespee – we’re building the most brilliant SaaS to help advertisers skyrocket sales. Through this we shed light on the importance of intelligent, actionable data, and – most importantly – urge advertisers to rethink sales online.

We’ve discovered that arguing that customers don’t want to talk anymore is like arguing that we are happy to remove 50% of our communication skills as human beings, and the sooner advertisers remove their blind spots – the better understanding of customers they will have.

On this instalment of the Freespee Heroes, we are taking a look at ProSkin – the fastest growing UK beauty clinic. Co-founder and entrepreneur Mats Stigzelius shares how through the model of online driven customer enquiries going into a centralised reception, ProSkin discovered that over 50% of their business was coming from the customer interaction in their call centre.

Mats shares “With Freespee, we decreased CPA by 30% and we now have visibility into the user journeys for the bookings taking place in our contact center, and we know that those represent the majority of our revenues”

Read the full story here

Freespee welcomes UK Country Manager Allan Rechtman

We are kicking off this week with some great news: today, Freespee welcomes another important member on board: we are thrilled to have Allan Rechtman join us as UK Country Manager!


Allan Rechtman | UK Country Manager

Before joining Freespee, Allan rolled out Vitrue (a social media management company) across EMEA. Then it was sold to Oracle.
Allan has also over 10years experience from the agency space. Latest as a VP, Director of global client development at Havas Digital.
This positioned Allan in a role that overlooked the large global accounts across the 8 regions that Havas Digital operates in. Working closely together with the central product teams, Allan is ensuring that global services, products and technologies are embedded and rolled out across the network and applied on global client businesses.
Previously Allan was running Havas Digital’s Hyundai Kia business across 70+ markets. He helped integrate digital as a significant part of the global comms strategy, whilst successfully growing the business and building a central team to run the day-to-day account.
Allan also has a background from WPP and the Omnicom Group. He holds a MSc in Media and Communications from the LSE and a MA in Sociology from Roskilde University and currently lives in London.

How data can cause marketers to fall victim to "inattentional blindness"

Have you ever heard of “inattentional blindness”?  Although it sounds like a nasty eye infection, it is in fact a behavioural effect that can make marketers blind to glaring information such as phone data that could help them make better informed decisions.
On Information Age, Carl explains why marketers, often so focused on data metrics, fail to notice data from their call centres which could be crucial to their decision making.
Read the full article here.