Freespee Heroes: How a UK beauty clinic is rethinking online path to purchase

There’s nothing we are more proud of, and nothing that drives us more than our customers’ success. We’re focusing every bit of our engineering and developers’ efforts on the optimisation of Freespee – we’re building the most brilliant SaaS to help advertisers skyrocket sales. Through this we shed light on the importance of intelligent, actionable data, and – most importantly – urge advertisers to rethink sales online.

We’ve discovered that arguing that customers don’t want to talk anymore is like arguing that we are happy to remove 50% of our communication skills as human beings, and the sooner advertisers remove their blind spots – the better understanding of customers they will have.

On this instalment of the Freespee Heroes, we are taking a look at ProSkin – the fastest growing UK beauty clinic. Co-founder and entrepreneur Mats Stigzelius shares how through the model of online driven customer enquiries going into a centralised reception, ProSkin discovered that over 50% of their business was coming from the customer interaction in their call centre.

Mats shares “With Freespee, we decreased CPA by 30% and we now have visibility into the user journeys for the bookings taking place in our contact center, and we know that those represent the majority of our revenues”

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