Freespee keeps getting better

I’m very excited to share with you some recent updates from the Engineering team here at Freespee. The team has been really busy integrating your feedback – adding tweaks and altering the Freespee platform to make it more powerful than it has ever been. We are very pleased to share with you what the outcome of this is.
Here’s a breakdown of the features in the last Engineering update:
New Plugin Section design on the Freespee Dashboard
The Plugins section on the Freespee Dashboard has been redesigned and moved from Settings to Plugins tab. All plugins are now visible for our customers. Installing a plugin is very easy, but if you run into problems, you can always contact our Helpdesk and they will get you up and running effortlessly.

Edit static sources
Customers can edit their “Connect calls to” setting on static sources even when they are connected to a campaign. This feature is available on the “Sources” tab.

New default call filter
The standard filter for the start page used to be ”Show All calls”. A more useful one is ”Answered/missed” so this is now the default choice.

VAT validation and support for multiple currencies (EUR, GBP and USD)
Self signup customers can enter VAT number and choose currency. VAT number is validated before data is saved.