Twitter launching click-to-call extension: Is voice the next big thing?

Since  Twitter announced a click-to-call extension to their Ad formats, it pointed everyone’s attention to what looks to be the next big thing: voice. What does the addition of voice media mean to the web, you would ask? The answer is simple – it makes the web more human. This is sometimes referred to as “staffing your web”.

Talking to a brand is a transactional event, like checking out from a web shop. A consumer that choose to talk to you is at the end of their discovery process, is in most cases ready to buy. Twitter Click-to-Call Ads is a tremendous opportunity for marketers to shorten the decision process for consumers. Marketers can now run transaction-oriented Ads with targeted messages and offers that fit into the 140 character Twitter format.
Developing a transaction format that makes the web more human means the web becomes more democratic. The reason for that is anyone can run a Click-to-Call Ad – from global brands to SMEs. As long as you know how to answer the phone, you can now talk to prospective customers and drive new sales.

In Europe only, there are about 25 million active business operations. 95% of these have less then 10 employees (often referred to as micro companies). Google chose to embrace their online budgets already a couple of years ago, now Twitter is doing the same.

We will closely monitor how businesses provoke an intention to buy with only 140 characters, and share with you the most successful ones.