Getting the full picture to increase ROI

Online Marketing is sometimes similar to a big buffé – there’s so much choice that most of the times we don’t know where to start from and what to put in our plates to get the most out of it. As we only have so much space in our stomach, we need to choose what we can allow in, and what needs to be left out. I guess we’re all very familiar with this scenario – asking ourselves what is good and what is not, and always sticking to а familiar choice. But what if we knew that some other dish on the table that we haven’t tried out, would satisfy us a lot more gastronomically than a familiar one that we always choose? Would we still go for all the familiar choices or would we switch a dish for a new one?
In order to do a comparison, in both online marketing and gastronomic experiences, we’d have to either try out new online marketing channels or new dishes. As everything around us is relative, we need to know what we have and what it costs, in order to be able to distinguish a new experience. That’s why, at Freespee, we believe that the key to stellar optimisation is understanding the big picture of all our online efforts through continuous evaluation.
By continually evaluating not only our online marketing channels and campaigns, but all our online efforts, it’s easier to keep track and calculate our ROI. In a world of clicks, it’s easy to sometimes fall into blindness and leave out so called “free” channels which we don’t pay for, but which we still put a lot of time and effort into. Just because we don’t spend money on them, does it really mean that our time and effort is totally free? What if two hours of business promoting activities on social media/week ended up in five great leads and our weekly budget of €1000 on AdWords ended up in twice as many? Wouldn’t it be great to know that the two hours we spent on social media activities had a return on investment that’s more than twice as high as the one we got from our weekly AdWords budget?
The conclusion of all this is that in order to be efficient and successful with our online marketing efforts we need to find out which ones are our best performing channels and what our return on investment for each of them is. This way, we are one step closer to understanding what the big picture holds. What’s the rest? – Our recommendation is to track every channel and all of its conversion possibilities, everything from phone calls to contact forms and the referral traffic each one of them generates. Only by having the big picture in front of us, we can improve our strategies, make better decisions in our online marketing strategy and increase our ROI.