Freespee Spring: We're buzzing!

Just as spring is in full bloom, the sun is shining brightly at the Freespee corner. In the past quarter, we’ve invested more time than ever on improving Freespee: from adding new compelling features, to elevating the user experience and empowering our customers to make better decisions about ad placement. All of these developments have been accompanied by some great people joining our family, making Freespee more powerful than it has ever been. Of course, there have also been many adventures along the way, so stay with me as I walk you through.
Our engineering team has gone the extra mile in ensuring Freespee is in a class by itself when it comes to product updates: starting from the introduction of the DoubleClick plugin, which now allows Freespee to feed information about calls to the customer’s DoubleClick Search account, through some serious Dashboard boosts: adding a Plugin section and answering customers’ requests for editing Default Call Filter and Static Sources.
These developments have been acclaimed by our customers, and that makes us very impatient to hear your thoughts on what we have been working hard on in the past few months – stay tuned to find out.
In this quarter, we’ve been heavily focused on empowering our customers by sharing our views on big industry topics and taking part of events, sharing successful customer stories and revealing Tips and Tricks for marketers, crafted by our knowledgeable team.
Did you hear we took part at the Big Data Debate in Shoreditch at the beginning of April? Alongside data gurus and tech geeks, Carl did a short, yet thought (and tweet) provoking talk around inattentional blindness. Carl challenged the mindset of the audience, stating that marketers should step back and consider blind spots that exist when big data is taken into account.
Challenging our audience – our customers, partners and friends, has been a very persistent trend in the past quarter for Freespee: we’ve discussed and analysed several big industry events, shedding light on the importance of understanding the big picture when it comes to data, and pointing out that as the web is becoming more human, it’s high time for marketers to rethink online sales. Our mission has always been to make it easier for people to talk and hence, reinstate the power and significance of voice, and this has been supported by the latest developments on Twitter’s side, with their click-to-call extension.
What is keeping the fire burning at Freespee is our tremendous team – in this quarter, we’ve not only extended by 6 new great members, but we have also grown stronger thanks to the continuous feedback, ideas and suggestions from customers, partners and friends. We’d like to thank you for being part of our journey, but mostly – for helping us out in shaping the path.
Happy Freespeeing!
Carl & the rest of the Freespee Team

On photo: Freespee team building the blocks of the exciting new ventures ahead