Freespee Tips and Tricks: Top five tips to increase your online marketing success

The focus of online marketing is pretty straight forward: it’s all about creating new opportunities and continuously improving the results of all of our ad placement and online efforts. In fact, if we want to make it to the top we must think about getting the most out of what we spend in order to succeed which is to increase our percentages when it comes to converting online visitors to a qualified leads.

In this article, we want to share 5 tips & tricks we have learnt from our brilliant users. They have many different approaches to their online marketing, but we’ve noticed there are some that work remarkably well. Here’s a list of five great tips on how to increase the overall engagement of your online visitors without having to increase your ad spend by a penny.

1. Make sure all your website’s numbers are trackable.

If you are receiving inbound phone calls today, make sure these are part of your online path-to-purchase insights. Stop treating visitors who call you as drop-offs. It’s pretty simple – drop a script on your web pages that serves every visitor with a unique phone number. If you provide different numbers for different offices, make sure they’re all being replaced with unique phone numbers for every visitor, to avoid leakage in your data.

2. Responsive Website – Click to call

Responsive websites are no longer optional. If your goal is to compete with the players on top of your industry, you need to make sure your website is responsive today. A study made by Nielsen in late 2013 showed that 74% of people search on mobile using a search engine in the process of purchase. Adding this to the fact that a study made by Ipsos showed that 61% of the people valued click to call as extremely important when it comes to the actual purchase, it’s needless to say that if you haven’t already, you need to make sure your website’s design is resposive as soon as possible. Not only will the information on your website be accessible in a more user friendly format, but in combination with a provided click to call option, it will also make it easier for your customer to complete their path-to-purchase by talking to you.

3. Floating menu with provided number

Taking the responsive website user experience one step further, we’d  recommend adding a floating menu to your website. Floating menus have proven to be very UX friendly for site navigation. Many of our top performing customers with highest overall conversion rate use floating menus.

4. Phone number placement

You have surely heard about the proven concepts of the Z- and F-design patterns which are based on scientific studies on how we read information, presented on a website. We covered these specifics in a recent blog post and this is highly relevant to you if you’re thinking of re-designing your website and thinking of where to place your call-to-action button to make it easy for the visitor to complete a purchase.

5. Inbound phone calls are part of the user journey

Some of your visitors prefer the DIY way, others want your assistance and consultation to complete their purchase. Make sure you embrace both these customers by making these two conversion methods equally simple.
Having a clear call to action for your phone number on your website could massively boost your sales. Think of yourself when you enter into a store and you want personal assistance to buy a pair of jeans. If no one is showing up to help, you will leave. You will not start to look for your model, your size, your colour by yourself. Not today, because you only have 5 minutes. It’s the same for your online audience. Depending on their mood, time of day, etc. they choose either to talk to you or take the DIY route. Think about what you are offering, what you want your visitor to do and then write an inviting line along with your number as clearly as you can. Example, if you run an automotive service center and you want your website visitors to book an appointment – invite them to do so by providing the sentence, “Book an appointment” along with your phone number. This tiny little change could in fact make a huge difference.

Remember – Keep it simple, stupid (KISS)!