Freespee Heroes: How Leobellen improved online conversion by 67%, armed with better data

Freespee has always been committed to providing a top-notch, customisable solution that’s suitable to a variety of businesses. Since we started with the Freespee Heroes series, we’ve looked into how SEM agencies, a physical therapy practice and even an online bank use Freespee.

Their results have shown the remarkable impact that possessing the full set of data has on marketers’ ability to make better decisions.  A very concrete example of the latter is the Dutch construction, infrastructure and building equipment company Leobellen

“Previously, one in five of the calls to Leobellen converted into sales, but with Freespee data we managed to improve targeting and now 1 in 3 calls result in sales, representing a 67% increase in SEO conversions. Our decision to spend more on SEO would have never been as drastic without your solution to prove the worth of our SEO traffic. shared

Bob Moree, the marketer behind Leobellen’s success.

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