Freespee product update: DC Storm plugin, Support for Universal Analytics and Call back widget in French and Spanish

As you already know, the Freespee engineering team is working tirelessly to both streamline the Freespee platform and boost it with great new features and plugins. In our product update two weeks ago we shared with you that Freespee can now feed data into the Criteo platform via a Criteo plugin, told you about the improvements in the performance of the Freespee script, as well as the advances in our GA and DoubleClick plugins.
Here’s a list of the updates this week. Don’t forget we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

Call back widget now available in French and Spanish

DC Storm plugin

Freespee premium accounts can now send call data metrics into DC Storm. Simply enable the Freespee plugin for DC Storm to get started. This works similar to the Google Analytics Premium plugin.
Universal Analytics support for GA plugin 
The Freespee JavaScript will now automatically detect if you are using Google Analytics or Universal Analytics on a page, and report call metrics directly into the right platform when the Premium Google Analytics plugin is enabled on your account. Freespee uses the new Measurement Protocol to feed data into Universal Analytics.
General performance enhancements
The Freespee Engineering team have made several platforms optimisations. The number replacement should now work even faster.