Freespee at Uppstart: Carl participating in the Founders Stories panel

Last Friday our Uppsala team attended the second Uppstart gathering. Held in the Katalin Bar, the event gathered entrepreneurs, innovators and all of those hungry to hear the Founder Stories by speakers Siavash Ghorbani from Tictail, Arvid Jansson from Vint and our own CEO and Co-founder Carl.

The three founders gathered in a discussion led by host Jason Dainter around growing, VCs and investment rounds, giving examples of their experience in establishing a successful business.
From growth hacking techniques, to recruiting good talent, branding and pivoting, if you’re interested to hear the Founders’ discussion and you didn’t get a chance to be in Uppsala, our friend @johannesl from 46elks filmed it all!
Founders Panel at Uppstart: Freespee, Tictail and Vint