Freespee Tips and Tricks: How can I customise Freespee number formatting on my website?

Number formatting on websites can be displayed in lots of different ways depending on mulitple factors. As each unique Freespee script recognises which country the account is registered in, it’s by default replacing the numbers on your website displaying only area code + subscriber number. This is based on the most common way companies usually display their phone numbers! There might be cases where you might want to display the country code as well.
Here’s how to do it:

To be able to add country code to the replacing Freespee numbers you’ll have to add a few lines of code to your script, including the e.164 recommendation. The e.164 recommendation defines the general number plan for international numbers (country codes) in almost all countries in the world. Here’s how the script would look like:

If you want even further customisation to your number formatting, you’ll have to elaborate with the following parameters and them to your Freespee script:

To understand the different parameters so that you understand what happens when you change them, here’s a quick explanation:

A Freespee script including the parameters above would look like the one presented below and also provide a Freespee number with the following formatting:

Hope this clarifies how you can customise the Freespee number formatting for your website and if you’d like to dig deeper into more customisation options, feel free to visit our developers section

Freespee Product Update: AppNexus, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads plugins

It’s the week of engineering excellence here at Freespee.  On Wednesday, we introduced the new Inbox – the powerful new feature at the Freespee Dashboard which helps marketers get the full picture of their customers’ user journey. We are very excited about it and can’t wait to get your feedback!
Over the last couple of weeks our engineers have worked on expanding our portfolio of plugins. Today I’d like to inform you of the latest additions to our ever expanding plugin section:
The AppNexus technology powers trading solutions and marketplaces for Internet advertising. It’s used by many advertising and media companies to deliver their ads. The 100% automated data feed from Freespee makes your inbound phone calls part of the bidding optimisation.
Bing Ads
Bing Ads is available in many markets around the globe and advertisers can take advantage of their tools, resources and ad solutions to help grow their business. With the Freespee plugin feed you can extend your campaign optimisation to also include call conversions.
Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads enables you to advertise on one of the worlds largest social network. Freespee’s data enables you to get the full picture by taking your calls into account when optimising your campaigns.

With the addition of these plugins, Freespee customers can now feed data into more of their favourite tools.
Turning these plugins on is super easy – read the activation instructions when logged in the Freespee platform and get in touch with our support team if you need any asistance and they will get you started immediately!

Freespee product update: Discover the full user journey in your new Inbox

In the world of marketing optimisation, our goal to make it easier for people to talk to brands has made us work really hard and make loads of improvements to the Freespee platform. We’ve polished the UX and added powerful new features. Many of the customer’s user journeys involve a second media channel (e.g. Google Adwords traffic, Direct traffic, Referral traffic), and sometimes even more than two channels. In a world of endless possibilities to advertise to your customers, it’s now become fundamental for marketers to be aware of the full customer path-to-purchase.
Today we are making a breakthrough step into the understanding of the complex customer journey by transforming the way incoming call leads are presented in the Freespee Dashboard. With this, we put powerful information into marketers’ hands that they never had access to before.
Welcome to your Inbox

The new Inbox tab is a marketer’s most powerful weapon – you won’t need a crystal ball anymore to guess where on the web your users came from, and what journey they took before they eventually picked up the phone to close the deal.
With our engineers’ excellence, we were able to build the new Inbox tab around the customer journey in all its complexity. Navigating through the Inbox tab, you get detailed information about the events corresponding to users phone calls that have originated from paid traffic if you have the corresponding plugin turned on in the Freespee platform (for example the Google Analytics plugin for Google AdWords traffic). For example, a customer might have found you through your ad on Google AdWords, clicked on the ad, looked through the offering and abandoned the process. However, the same customer would, a few hours later, come back to the website, this time directly. After browsing around, they would pick up the phone and make a call to your business.
With the new Inbox, you are able to follow the customer journey in its entirety, and attribute conversions to the correct media channels, and – most importantly – know what it takes for your customers to call you.
Here’s an example of a user journey in the Inbox tab at the Freespee Dashboard:

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on this great new development – so go on, try it and let us know your thoughts!

Recap: Whose lead is it anyway #Freespeechat

Last night we hosted our first (of many to come!) twitter chat to join tech entrepreneurs, startups, designers, gadget lovers and data geeks in celebrating the first London Tech Week . As the city is buzzing with tech events and gatherings, we couldn’t help but join the fun and gather customers, partners and friends for an exciting discussion over what we love to talk about: data, customer journey and path-to-purchase in our first #Freespeechat. 
The chat was hosted by our Co-founder and CEO Carl (@carlhtalks), who also actively participated in the discussion by challenging the attendees to rethink their perception of the customer journey and focus on what they do with the data they gather, rather than simply find ways to gather it.
Here are a few of the highlights from last night’s discussion:

It’s very easy to read through the whole discussion, simply follow this link and don’t forget we’d love you to share your thoughts with us. We’d like to thank everyone who joined in – it was great to chat with all of you!

A few days left 'till the Freespee twitter chat: Whose lead is it anyway?

Next week is kicking off with the start of London’s first Technology Week, with hundreds of tech, fashion, pitching, music and networking events taking place across the capital. Freespee is also taking part of the event by hosting an exciting Twitter chat to discuss “Whose Lead Is It Anyway?” to explore the importance of offline and online data in advertising.

Join us as our founder Carl Holmquist (@carlhtalks) explores why it is important to understand every step of the customer journey.
All you have to do to get involved in our Twitter chat is:

  • Follow @Freespee on Twitter, tune into the hashtag #Freespeechat and listen out for Carl’s questions
  • Include #Freespeechat in your tweets
  • Follow the conversation by searching  #FreespeeChat or sign up to TWUBS

The finer details:
When: 16th June 2014
Time: 8pm – 9pm BST
Where: Twitter, tune into the hashtag #Freespeechat or tweet @Freespee
We hope you can join us, to register your interest sign-up through our Eventbrite page.

Twitter chat: Whose lead is it anyway?

To celebrate London Tech Week, we’re hosting an exciting Twitter chat to explore: “Whose Lead Is It Anyway?” to explore the importance of offline and online data in advertising.
Join #Freespeechat on the 16th of June at 8pm BST as our Founder and CEO, Carl Holmquist, discusses the online customer journey. Carl will be exploring why it’s so important to understand every step the customer takes before purchasing.  We’re really excited that marketers, advertisers, brands and data lovers will be participating in this interesting discussion!
All you have to do to get involved in our Twitter chat is:

  • Follow @Freespee on Twitter, tune into the hashtag #Freespeechat and listen out for Carl’s questions
  • Include #Freespeechat in your tweets
  • Follow the conversation by searching  #FreespeeChat or sign up to TWUBS

The finer details:
When: 16th June 2014
Time: 8pm – 9pm BST
Where: Twitter, tune into the hashtag #Freespeechat or tweet @Freespee
We hope you can join us, to register your interest sign-up through our Eventbrite page.

How to use Freespee call extensions to track inbound phone calls from the SERP page and still get granular data

Adding call data metrics to your online media buying tools is perhaps one of the best ways to make sure you get the most out of every penny from your online marketing budget. As Freespee allows you to automatically link an inbound phone call to specific keywords using the Freespee javascript on your website, it’s easy to measure how well keywords and PPC-campaigns are performing.

But what about inbound phone calls initiated directly from the search engine results page (SERP)? How can I get granular data from my PPC-ad call extensions and why does this matter?

We know for sure that people are most likely to click to call to get in touch when using a smartphone for business discovery and it’s one of the most important call-for-action touch points your need to offer the visitors of your responsive web site. However, you can also offer a Click-to-Call extension directory in your PPC ad, as it is being shown in the SERP. This is a perfect way to offer a shortcut to the path-to-purchase process for the fast-paced mobile consumer. A comprehensive Ipsos study shows that a large percentage of customers even get angry and annoyed if there’s no option to call a business directly in the SERP.

In average, up to 20% of the total amount of inbound phone calls from your mobile audience is coming from the Call extensions in Google Adwords. With thousands of calls a month in total into your call center, the numbers start to add up and you have a significant attribution leakage if you do not add these events into your data model. Using Freespee, it couldn’t be a lot easier to also collect these events into your dashboard for inbound phone calls. You do not need how to code, you simply login to your Freespee account where you can assign Freespee call extensions for publishing outside your web properties where you have embedded the Freespee script. You decide the level of granularity, keyword groups, ad campaigns or specific keywords. By using stringent naming conventions you make it easier to create funnel analysis for calls that are being initiated outside your web pages.

Once you’re logged in, go to sources in your Freespee account, choose add source, fill in name and media, select area code and what phone number you want Freespee to pass all the calls to. Press save.

Once you have saved it, publish it as an AdWords call extension to identify the spoken conversations with your mobile audience, as they take place also outside your web.

Happy Freespeeing!