Freespee product update: Discover the full user journey in your new Inbox

In the world of marketing optimisation, our goal to make it easier for people to talk to brands has made us work really hard and make loads of improvements to the Freespee platform. We’ve polished the UX and added powerful new features. Many of the customer’s user journeys involve a second media channel (e.g. Google Adwords traffic, Direct traffic, Referral traffic), and sometimes even more than two channels. In a world of endless possibilities to advertise to your customers, it’s now become fundamental for marketers to be aware of the full customer path-to-purchase.
Today we are making a breakthrough step into the understanding of the complex customer journey by transforming the way incoming call leads are presented in the Freespee Dashboard. With this, we put powerful information into marketers’ hands that they never had access to before.
Welcome to your Inbox

The new Inbox tab is a marketer’s most powerful weapon – you won’t need a crystal ball anymore to guess where on the web your users came from, and what journey they took before they eventually picked up the phone to close the deal.
With our engineers’ excellence, we were able to build the new Inbox tab around the customer journey in all its complexity. Navigating through the Inbox tab, you get detailed information about the events corresponding to users phone calls that have originated from paid traffic if you have the corresponding plugin turned on in the Freespee platform (for example the Google Analytics plugin for Google AdWords traffic). For example, a customer might have found you through your ad on Google AdWords, clicked on the ad, looked through the offering and abandoned the process. However, the same customer would, a few hours later, come back to the website, this time directly. After browsing around, they would pick up the phone and make a call to your business.
With the new Inbox, you are able to follow the customer journey in its entirety, and attribute conversions to the correct media channels, and – most importantly – know what it takes for your customers to call you.
Here’s an example of a user journey in the Inbox tab at the Freespee Dashboard:

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on this great new development – so go on, try it and let us know your thoughts!